Hooray for itty-bitty business !

I’ve never had much of an entrepreneurial spirit; I never considered a business degree whilst exploring my interests in undergrad, and thinking of opening my own business has historically been an unappealing thought. I pursued the exact opposite in school by earning a degree in the social sciences (how gender-conforming. I could go much more into that but this is not the appropriate forum, so I’ll refrain.)

With that said, I am surprised with how invigorating I’ve found my little Etsy store to be!

I opened my bare-bones Etsy shop with two PDF patterns and three completed products for sale, which were documented lovingly on this blog. When my first sale came through, I was more enthused than I expected myself to be.

I shipped the little Dress-Me-Up Saguaro Cactus to its new home in Virginia. With few days between, the cactus ornament and Harlowe’s Unicorn also sold, to Coloroado and Utah, respectively. I am officially sold out of finished products in my Etsy store!

Etsy store soldout

Now, I await for the product reviews to cometh (I hope).

On a related side note, I present to you an order I recently finished, for the cactus wearing a cowboy hat:


Indiana Jones cactus? Where’s the whip?

I will post the cowboy hat pattern soon, for free. I also have a couple more pending orders from coworkers, with a special request for a cactus-sized Green Bay cheese hat.

So, here is my internal monologue on the entrepreneur experience thus far:

  1. Surely the holidays have had an effect on sales at the moment. I wonder how it will be after the holidays are over.
  2. Strangers are looking at my STUFF! How cool!
  3. Must stop obsessing over the stats…
  4. I hope the people who purchased my items are really satisfied with them. Oh, be gentle on my poor ego. Perhaps that’s why I’ve never been a business person… 😛

I need to re-stock my inventory, and I have a pattern for a baby crib mobile coming soon. But first, must have fun at Disneyland with some girlfriends. Thanks to my in-laws for watching our fur-baby while Trav is at work and I act even more like an adult child for the next few days. 🙂


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