happy holidays, y’all


I’ve been pretty busy this holiday season.

I’ve managed to participate in four Secret Santa gift exchanges at work, a white elephant swap with family, one cookie swap, and baked over eight dozen cookies from scratch (I don’t have a mixer so my right arm has bulked up a bit, yea!). Since the holiday festivities have taken precedence, my pattern drafting has been thrown to the wayside at the moment. In lieu of a pattern or a crochet related post, I present to you–my version of some popular Christmas jingles:

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree,

how much you shed on thee

when I haul you out at the end of the season.

Oh, Holy night,

the neighbor’s lights are shiny too bright-ly.

Deck the halls with boughs of holl-y,

Fa la la la la

la la la


Silent night, holy night,

All is calm, all is bright

except for the last minute shoppers.

Dashing through the snow that doesn’t exist in Phoenix,

on a one-horse open sleigh.

Last Christmas, I gave you my heart,

but the very next day, you

sold it on the black (organ) market.

These jingles are fitting for a handmade card–for next year, of course. 😉


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