Baby shower wine labels

Hello to any of you following my blog! I’m here to dust out the blogosphere cob webs for a moment to share something that is, again, not crochet related. Sorry about that, but parenthood has seemed to drain all most of the motivation out of me to create. After the day is done and I’ve cooked and cleaned the same area for the tenth time that day, I can only muster enough energy to eat a bowl of ice cream and maybe binge watch Netlix. I’m sure I will get back to regularly creating things again (a coworker told me it didn’t come back to her until her daughters were in middle school!!)trump.jpg but for now, I will share what I can muster the energy to do.


About a year and a half ago, I hosted a baby shower for a friend of mine. Part of the table top decor was wine bottles with milestone labels:

wine labels

I saw similar, more fancy labels (sorry Anna) at another baby shower I had attended and thought they were hilarious and well appreciated, so I quickly made these labels for the shower and just glued them on to a couple bottles of wine. We added some flowers and a stuffed animal to the tabletop, and “Voila,” pretty decorations!!!

I am now helping throw a baby shower for another good friend of mine who is due at the end of October, so I’m going through my old projects to recycle them. She doesn’t know I’m giving these quirky bottles of wine to her, but I know they will make her chuckle (I write this now assuming Randi never reads my blog).

Anyway, it appears that the most popular blog post/project that I’ve shared on Pinterest is my Diaper Raffle Ticket printables (at over 2,000 pins!) so I thought I’d share these wine bottle labels with you all–> baby shower milestone wine labels.

Also, here is a baby shower bingo printable that I made a while ago–> baby shower bingo

baby shower bingoAlright blog readers, see you all again in about another year. Same time, same place; give or take 3 months. 😉


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