OPP: Other people’s products

One of my favorite parts of writing crochet patterns is seeing other people’s final products. There is such validation in knowing that other crocheters are successful with the patterns; that the directions are clear and result in a final product they can enjoy! I especially love seeing how people interpret my patterns and the creative liberties they take.

These are some of the finished projects that people have shared with me:


This is the Dress-me-up Saguaro cactus. The person who crocheted this got creative and made up two of her own hats, which are the sombrero and cowboy hats.


Duff Beer coozy


On another note, I am still figuring out how to establish a baby/hobby balance. Seems that when Juno takes a long nap these days, I am either catching up on household chores or trying to take a rest/snooze, rather than crocheting or working on this forgotten blog. I may also waste time on Facebook, but who’s asking!? Anyway…

Last week, I picked up the crochet hook for the first time in months, and I was pleased to find that I hadn’t forgotten everything (as I had feared). I didn’t finish what I was working on though…but hey, it was a step toward getting back to crocheting.

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