A simple blanket for our bebe

When I’m not ugly-sleeping-with-my-mouth-open on an airplane, you can find me catching up on a year’s worth of reading

or crocheting.

Crocheting in particular is the perfect way to pass the copious amount of time which is spent in air travel. What other activity can you do relatively comfortable for hours at a time while barely moving your limbs? It really makes the time fly by for me. 😉

I’ll usually bring minimal supplies and a simple pattern to work up. A couple years ago, I made ribbed beanies for Christmas gifts while flying to/from NH. This time around, I hadn’t been actively working on a project so I found one quickly the night before our day of travel.

I went to my Pinterest and found this pin for a simple baby blanket. I’m making the blanket to be 150 double crochets X 150 rows consisting of three different colors. The tutorial links to this random stripe generator, which I used to come up with this satisfying random set of stripes:


I played around on the website while waiting in the airport, and took a screen shot before boarding the plane.

I initially planned to make a white-and-pinks-striped blanket, but husband had objections to gender-typing…and we have already received a pink blanket for bebe. Therefore, I’ve switched to green stripes. Here is what I have so far:


One little stripe of green! Ha! Not much progress on account of all my ugly-sleeping-with-my-mouth-open.

We are home now, and thankfully there is a whole new season of Orange Is the New Black to mindlessly crochet to.

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