Enzo’s Moose

This fancy moose took a trip to Germany and came back with a nice pair of lederhosen. See?

Here’s the back story: A childhood friend of mine is having her second baby (boy named Enzo!) in about one month, and her mom had commissioned me in secret to make a crochet plushie for the little one to come. She asked me to make either a moose, owl or elephant with a color scheme of yellow and/or grey. Since we’re from New Hampshire (I’m a transplant in Phoenix), I knew I had to make a moose.

I initially made Enzo’s Moose plain, stark naked. I thought he was cute enough, but felt like something was missing. original enzo

I tried adding a bow-tie, but that didn’t seem to do the trick; not enough coverage, still a blushing moose.

original enzo 3

That’s when I put some overalls on him and stitched an initial, which added that special touch I was aiming for.

original enzo 2

ahh, yes, exactly what he needed.

I sent the original (very special) moose on its merry way to New Hampshire.

I have since altered the design to turn the overalls into a pair of lederhosen which are made as a part of the base of the body (rather than made separately like the original moose). I also changed the shape of his head a bit and adjusted the way the arms are attached. I’ve been very pleased with every version of this little bugger.

final enzo

The pattern for Enzo’s Moose is now available for purchase in my Etsy and Ravelry stores.

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