An ill tissue-box coozy

This was one of my first projects done “free-hand,” without following a pattern or other instructions, about one year ago.


I grabbed a tissue box and started with crocheting the top in single crochet (sc) rows to fit the rectangle of the tissue box. (If you look closely, you can see that the rows go left to right starting at the “front” of the face.) Once I was satisfied with the rectangle, I sc all the way around the edge, then sc on the back loop only for the next round.

Next, I sc around the entire edge of the rectangle for one round, then back loop sc for one round. Afterwards, I continued on to sc in both loops for several rounds to build up the four sides.

When I came about halfway down to the opening, I chain-stitched as much needed for the opening where the tissue would be pulled out, then counted the same number of stitches to skip in the row, and re-joined by continuing the rest of the round in sc.

The next round, I sc all the way across, including onto the chain stitches from the previous round (which was made for the opening for the tissue). I continued sc in the round until it was long enough to cover the tissue box cover. I decreased a few times in some of the rounds toward the bottom as I saw fit, to ensure that the cover fit snugly.

The eyes were made with black yarn and a darning needle.

Voila; a vomiting tissue-box cozy. Nothing too fancy.

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4 responses to “An ill tissue-box coozy

  1. Cutest idea ever question(probably too long ago that this was posted to get an answer… ) do the tissues / face come out the top side or Is it a cube box thanks I hope u see this soon I wanted to make this


    • Hi Michelle, I used a square box of tissues (as opposed to the rectangular kind). The box is laying on its side so that the tissues are dispensing forward out of the mouth. I hope this answers your question and that you enjoy making it!


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